Saturday, May 27, 2006

a must read

We have been relishing An Egg is Quiet at home. Unfortunately, it really must go back to the library. Professional privilege can only be carried so far. Filled with delicate, detailed watercolors, this nonfiction picture book can be read on many levels. The main text is simple: An egg is quiet. An egg is clever. But the extra details--quite literally "subtext"-- is wonderful. Reading to Mr. 4 Years Old, I read nearly all the accompanying details; an ostrich egg can weigh 8 pounds while an hummingbird's egg is the size of a jellybean; how eggs to be laid on cliffs are pointed to prevent them from rolling over the edge. When Mr. Toddler and I read together, we cut to the chase and just read the "melody." When the three of us read together, we do a little of both, hitting the coolest, most boy-intriguing factoids and sticking to that melody. A great summer read and always something to put on your wishlist.

note to self....

When publicity shots are taken for my first book, don't wear a rainbow-patterned sweater.