Saturday, October 29, 2005

we hunt for the bones of dinosaurs....

While the rest of the world is just gearing up for Halloween and the big candy-gathering event, we are all finished here. Our lovely county has, for years, deemed the last Thursday in October as "Trick-or-Treat Night." Supposedly, it cuts down on criminal mischief to disassociate trick-or-treat from All Hallow's Eve. Whatever.

We have, then, completed our October mission and paraded the kids in costume up and down the neighborhood, begging for candy. It was really fun. Our big boy, dressed as a "dinosaur bone hunter" a la Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones by Byron Barton, had conversations with just about everyone. "This is my trusty bag. This is my scary trick or treat bag. Well, have fun giving out candy!" The baby got the hang of things towards the end and decided he'd rather walk behind brother and climb porch steps. "Candy?" he'd say and then, "See ya!" He was the baby dinosaur. Daddy even got into the spirit and wore a dino hat to match. (Oh the wonders of green polar fleece and a sewing machine.)

Now the household is resplendent with candy and various Hershey products. Yum! May those of you in more traditional municipalities have fun and stay safe Monday night.

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