Friday, June 22, 2007

a miraculous read

Virginia Sorensen's Newbery award-winner, Miracles on Maple Hill, popped into my hand the other day. All I can say is, why hasn't this book crossed my path before? It won the Newbery in 1957, so it was around as I made my way through the public school system in the 1970's. I'm not the only one still in love with this book; find a review here at Mugglenet! (but of course, we know that Harry Potter fans have impeccable taste)

In this gentle story, Marly's father has come home after being a prisoner of war in an unnamed war. His nerves are shattered--he no longer sings, is often tired, and yells at Marly and her brother, Joe. Marly's mother has inherited her grandmother's house and farm in northwestern Pennsylvania. In attempt to help Daddy heal, the family leaves Pittsburgh to visit the country. The country does Daddy a world of good and he stays on until the family can join him full-time during summer vacation. Marly begins the book by hoping for a miracle--the return of the Daddy she remembers--and continues finding miracles everywhere. From the flowing of sap in the "sugar bush" to the new blossoms of spring to the joy that comes from eating food you've grown yourself, miracles abound on Maple Hill.

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