Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm not good, but I have good intentions*

(*with apologies to Lyle Lovett)

So much for the grand plan to blog every day for the rest of November; I've missed 2 days in a row, but will continue to strive towards that goal.

If you are Winnie-the-Pooh fans, as we are, you will enjoy Blackstone Audio's recording of The House at Pooh Corner read by Peter Dennis.
The audio is fabulous and the narrator very British; Owl sounds rather like a career military man from the Empire, wot wot. Piglet actually snuffles like a pig every other sentence or so! What a change from the unrecognizable pink confection he has become on the Disney Channel. It reminds me of a record we had when I was a kid with Jack Gilford performing the hums of Pooh. My boys are growing up--they would much rather listen to this than the lullaby CD we've been listening to every night since they were born. Little brother wants to know how to get to the 100 "Nacre" Woods. If I knew, believe me, we'd be there. My mother read the original Pooh stories to me as a child. In fact, my brother's childhood nickname, Roo, comes from my pretending to be Kanga and him being my baby Roo. Big brother has being making up rather Pooh-like hums his whole life. The most recent one occurring on the way back to his school building (we have one elementary school divided into 3 discreet parts in 2 separate buildings on one campus) from the annual fall book fair. "My momma said she'd go to the book fair with me and she did! I'm so happy! My momma came to school like she said!"

When we spend time in the mountains, we always play at least one round of Pooh Sticks on the bridge over the river. So far, only sticks have made it off the bridge.

I hope to be here again tomorrow, despite being a woman of very little brain these days.

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